Rubén Darío Montoya

Ruben Dario Montoya Vargas, Pioneer Paragliding in Colombia flying since 1992, director of the School of paragliding Paraflight Colombia Adventours licensed flight instructor #71610967, License Instructor Tandem T3 of the Colombian Federation of Air Sports attached to the FAI ( Federation Aeronautique International). Bilingual internationally certified instructor by the APPI Reg. #11336, Founder and pioneer first paragliding school in Costa Rica from 2000 to 2004 has the following certificates:


-Course Paraglider pilot in May 1992 at the school Aerolight Venezuela, entered the AVVA (Venezuelan Association of Autonomous Flight ).


-Course Advanced Pilot in 1993 dictated by Javier and Jose Casaoudoumecq of Aerolight Academy.


Ruben Montoya " RubenFly"

Pioneer Paragliding in Colombia

-Course Cross Country dictated by Jocky Sanderson, Alto de Matasanos - Medellin, 1993.


-Recognition as an instructor Paragliding, Caracas September 12, 1994 by the Academy Aerolight.


-Piloto Tandem ( Double ) since December 1994.


-Towing -Course (Torno rewinder) in 1995, dictated by Milo Abramovic at the dam El Penol.


-SIV -Course advanced level and extreme maneuvers in February 1995 issued by the world runner-up Andy Hediger in 1993, the Swiss team Paratech.


-Course Flight Paramotor Pilot dictated by Diego Urrutia Cali, 1995.


-First Aid -Course R&P (Rescue and Paramedics), Medellin 1996.


-Course Meteorology, Aerodynamics and First Aid in 1997, issued by the Medellin Conference Aircraft and Aviation School Los Halcones.


-Founder of the first official paragliding school in Costa Rica Caldera Nest of Eagles. (Punta Arenas) 2000


-Course Red Cross First Aid Puntarenas Costa Rica, 2001


Participation in Events

Second place championship paragliding department in August 1993 Matasanos.


Second meeting of paragliders. Chia, May 1994


Second place in the first national championship paraglider in Bucaramanga in November 1994.


3rd Air snail air, Manizales, January 1994.


Air Aces festive Medellin Soars, 1994.


Air Caracol Festival, Cyprus Nubia Airport Manizales, 1995.


Participation National Paragliding Championship, 1996 Roldanillo


Organizer valid national championship Damascus, 1995


Participation in the national championship Roldanillo Valley Paragliding in August 1996.


Paragliding organizer Mode 1 Deportivo Antioquia Testimony 1996


Paragliding Mode organizer Testimony Deportivo Antioquia 2nd 1997


Cup Top Landing Tandem paragliding, Bucaramanga, 1997


Participation in national championship validates paragliding in Bucaramanga March 1997


Paragliding Mode organizer Testimony Deportivo Antioquia 3rd 1998


Participation Paragliding National Championships December 1998, Santa Fe de Antioquia.


2nd Air Festival Piedechinche hacienda paradise, June 1998.


3rd Festival of the cerrito Valle Piedechinche air June 1999


Participation in Roldanillo Valle PWC 2005.


Participation in Valle Roldadillo PRE PWC in 2005


Marathon participation Magdalena River with a tour in Paramotor over 750 Km. October 2006.


Participation in Expedition Condor de los Andes with a distance of over 16,000 km, 20 departments.


COLOMBIA SIGNAL Channel 32 chapters for paramotor pilot, video support and aerial photography.



Participation in TV

Direct participation in segments and television programs:


In Colombia:

Body channel.

RCN channel

Canal Caracol




In Costa Rica:

Teletica and Repretel. CR

International like.

AXN Action Tour 2000 Costa Rica 2000

Video "Pura Vida" with world champion Ala delta Cari Castle and world champion in hang gliding Cris Muller .Costa Rica 2003

Television program for an extreme sports channel in Panama 2003

T V commercial channel Guatemala for 2003

Flight with the world's oldest person Mr. Christopher Vega V .with 101 years Costa Rica in April 2002.


Nature reserve FX HBO girl Mamancana Santa Marta 2007.

Wild Flower Fair in August 2011 with Norelis ON Rodriguez, my universe Venezuela.


skywriting with Paramotor in multiple political campaigns in Antioquia and the Caribbean territory.


Currently I am writing PARAGLIDINGMEDELLIN Paragliding school to which I have dedicated full time since 1993.


Most of Antioquia paragliding schools are graduates Paraflight pilots like others in several countries such as Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.


Importer of flight equipment brands we represent.


Instructor Licenses

Ruben Fly

Tandem Instructor APPI

Register No. 11336 Association of

Paragliding pilots and instructors.

Instructor Tandem Nacional Fedeaereos

Registration No. COL-826-PG

Tandem flights

Paragliding and paramotor School  -  Flying since 1992

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